$365r/t to Germany?! WOW air, cheap international airfare with no frills. Is it a deal?

$365r/t to Germany?! WOW air, cheap international airfare with no frills. Is it a deal?

January 1, 2019 0 By Smartshopperdaphne
  • Update March 28th, 2019

  • WOW has ceased operations https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/28/business/wow-air-scli-intl/index.html

Have you heard of Allegiant? It is a low budget, no frills a la carte airline. WOW air is the international version. They offer amazingly cheap fares to places in Europe. I recently purchased and traveled on WOW air round trip from Baltimore, Maryland to Frankfurt, Germany.

Is the savings worth the no frills? In the long run is it really a deal?

My basic airfare on WOW air was $365.00 round trip. There were many catches to getting this incredibly cheap price. All flights make a stop in Reykjavik Iceland, so no nonstop flights. In addition, this airfare only includes a personal item and that’s basically a small sized backpack, purse or briefcase. Plus a basic seat that they will assign and last priority boarding. So bottom line: you’ll probably end up with a middle seat. Also, everything costs money on the plane except for the bathrooms. Water is not free, nor the snacks. You must purchase everything. The seats are small and have minimal padding but the planes are clean and meet the basic requirements. You can of course pay for upgrades but be careful because that basic airfare price can really add up. If you want an assigned seat that starts at $10 and goes up from there. If you want a large seat with more leg room that upgrade can cost you anywhere from $20 up to $200. You can also pre-pay for food but that won’t save you a lot of money as the price was pretty much the same if ordered in-flight. My personal suggestions are: pack light so everything fits in the backpack, bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after you pass security, bring your own snacks and non-perishable food. As far as paying for an upgraded seat I would not do it. Take the chance you might end up on an empty flight and once they depart, the flight attendants will usually let you move, and if not that’s the risk you take. Keep in mind I am also a very cheap person so as someone that’s only 5’6″, sitting in a middle seat for 8 to 10 hours may suck but I will survive and my wallet will be full.

They fly to many places in Europe, from Amsterdam to Paris and more. Most flights leave from LAX on the west coast and none depart from Phoenix so you will need to factor in that additional cost. Usually, a ticket from Phoenix to LAX round trip will cost you about $250. So a round trip ticket to Frankfurt runs about $615.

I thought this was a great bang for my buck and will absolutely fly on WOW air again because it got me to where I needed to go safely and at a very affordable price. Below is some video footage I took while on the plane. It isn’t the best quality because I was trying to be discreet.