5 Things to buy this month

5 Things to buy this month

February 4, 2019 0 By Smartshopperdaphne


5 things to buy this month
February brings lots of love — not just Valentine’s Day love, but you’ll love all the deals you can find… especially with the Super Bowl and Presidents’ Day being right around the corner.
So here are five things that you can buy for great prices, and a few things you’ll want to avoid:
Winter Apparel
Shop the clearance racks because retailers are being aggressive when it comes to clearing out their winter clothes to make room for Spring.

Large Home Items
You’ll also find bargains on large home items like mattresses and furniture.
Bed Bath and Beyond have sales of up to 70% off.
I also found small appliances like coffee makers, slow cookers and blenders for under $10 on Amazon.

Valentine’s Day Deals
You won’t find the best prices on flowers and candy right before Valentine’s Day, in fact, expect to pay inflated prices…unless you wait.
As soon as the clock strikes midnight on February 15th, expect the deals to come pouring in… as much as 60% off.

Tax Software
Have you done your taxes yet?
Now is the time when you’ll find discounts on tax software products.

Super Bowl is just days away and many people want to watch the game on the big screen.
The best time to buy TVs is usually during Black Friday season.  But you can still find a good deal now!
Many retailers are offering nice discounts, but remember, if you don’t really need it, don’t buy it.

Things to Skip This Month
Now is NOT the time to buy a new Android Phone.
According to DealNews, most manufacturers will announce a new smartphone line by the end of the month, so expect prices to drop in March.
March is also a great time to buy luggage, so be patient to find the best deals.
Let me know where you save the most.  Email me at Smartshopperdaphne@gmail.com