A simple and fast solution for making hooks to hang stuff

A simple and fast solution for making hooks to hang stuff

June 2, 2019 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

I love it when we discover things that can make our lives simpler while saving some money.  

One recent discovery is suction cup hooks. At the Dollar Tree or $.99 Only store they often sell these suction cups in a two pack. These hooks have saved me a ton of time, convenience, and hassle while gleefully spending only $1 for two hooks.

I got the idea to purchase these hooks after I bought my home and realized I had nothing on my walls to hang anything on in my house. I know the things I am good at, and one thing I most certainly am not is mounting/installing anything on walls. I had my handyman come in and install a few permanent hooks.  I also discovered I needed more hooks that I didn’t want permanent, plus didn’t require skills to install. Hence the idea suction cup hooks.

I use these hooks to hang my wet kitchen towels on so they can air dry. Plus in my newly tiled shower, I did not want a permanent hook installed, so those suction cup hooks came in handy to air dry my washcloth. There are endless possibilities for the uses of these suction cup hooks.

On a side note, I have found some of these suctions cup hooks don’t hold and the ones that do, hold forever. So it is about an 80% success rate. For just $1 I think it is worth the expense.