About Me

Daphne Munro

My name is Daphne Munro, but you may know me as “Your Smart Shopper”. I used to work with ABC15 News and was the creator, voice, and face of the very popular Smart Shopper franchise. If you tuned in over the years you watched me on TV showing you ways to save money and keep your life simple. We did this through means of testing out “As seen on TV” products, deals of the day, weekly grocery deals, life hacks and finding local businesses that fit that niche. I still cover the same content, but now I do it in the digital world. I share my content on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, all under my brand called Smart Shopper Daphne.

I may be the cheapest person you’ll ever meet…but I greatly value quality so the deals I share are meant to save you money and hopefully simplify your life.  That said, you too may be a crafty, creative consumer so I’d love to hear about deals you discover, life hacks you can’t live without and companies/brands/products you’d like me to review.

It takes a village to take care of one another and I’m honored to serve alongside you in helping our friends and neighbors live their best lives.

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