Allegiant and Frontier Airlines offer low priced airfare but do they really?

June 28, 2017 1 By Smartshopperdaphne

How about $29 each way from Phoenix to Denver? When it comes to smaller airlines you can save a ton on the airfare. Allegiant and Frontier Airlines are two of those airlines we have in the Valley.

Why is the airfare so cheap? Consider these airlines al la carte. Meaning you purchase the airfare but you also have to buy a seat, luggage and

Allegiant departs out of Mesa airport. To fly from Phoenix to Colorado Springs on July 28th returning on July 31st you will pay $70 each way, plus $15 for an economy seat. Oh, wait we can’t forget about the luggage. You can carry-on personal item for free, which is about the size of a sheet of paper, basically a purse or a briefcase. If you want to carry on a bag that will cost you $15, to check a bag it has to be 40 pounds or less that will cost you $20. Did I mention this is for each way? So that $70 one-way ticket will end costing you around $105 to $120 depending on the luggage situation. If you want some snacks? Guess what that will also cost you extra. So round trip from Phoenix to Colorado Springs will run you $210 to $240. That’s about the average going rate for a flight on a major airline, add the baggage fees if you have to check in any. It is still not a smoking deal from the original fare of $70 each way.

I also checked out Frontier Airlines. They do not fly to Colorado Springs but instead Denver. A flight from Phoenix to Denver on July 27th returning on July 31st will cost you $62 each departing flight and $89 returning that is $151 round trip. Wait we can’t forget the seat. A standard seat will cost you $5 each way. A personal bag like a purse or briefcase is free but carry on will run you $35 each way. With all the fees that round trip ticket now cost you $231.00. That’s not much of a deal. I checked on Hopper the airfare predictor app and the average price for a round-trip ticket that time is $166.00. Again factor in luggage if you are checking in and major airlines are still the better deal.


Bottom-line those prices are amazing if you need a no-frills flight and all you are taking is a briefcase or purse. But always do your research so you can save the most.