An app that will predict the best time to buy airfare, plus which cities have the cheapest fares?

June 6, 2017 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

It is called Hopper. It is totally free to use. This app basically predicts when is the best time to purchase those plane tickets for the best price.

Here is how it works. First, you pick a destination and a calendar pops up. It is color-coded, red being the highest and green being the best-priced fares. From there you pick out, which dates you, want to fly. Then it will give you what the current fare is and whether you should buy now or wait. Then if you scroll down further it will give you a price prediction forecast. For example, I chose a trip from Phoenix to New York City on August 20th through the 23rd. The app says to buy the fare of $290 because this is currently the lowest price.  As far as the price prediction the app predicts prices will vary until June 20th. Now is currently the best price. After June 21st the fare will raise around $26 and between August 8th through the 20th it is expected to climb $177.

I have been playing around with this app for a few days since discovering it. I can’t say for sure its accuracy but from the articles I have been reading, they consistently state this app has about 95% accuracy. That is impressive.

Now let’s talk about cities you should be traveling to because the fares have dropped. This list is according to the folks at Hopper:

  1. Minneapolis 23% ($231)
    2. Baltimore 22% ($222)
    3. New York City 21% ($284)
    4. Dallas 21% ($229)
    5. Orlando 21% ($189)
    6. Los Angeles 20% ($239)
    7. Miami 20% ($232)
    8. Cleveland 20% ($217)
    9. Seattle 20% ($215)
    10. Orange County, California 20% ($212)