Best things to buy in April in order to save the most

Best things to buy in April in order to save the most

April 1, 2018 0 By Smartshopperdaphne


Some things you should be spending your money on this month that will get you the best deals.

Easter Candy and Decor

Easter is over and stores need to get rid of those holiday themed items. The day after Easter, expect to see clearance sales on Easter candy, baskets, decor and more. At your grocery store look for that cart full of Easter items for at least 50% off or more.


Winter clothes and spring clothes need to be moved off the sales floor to make room for summer apparel. Expect to see sales and discounts on those types of clothes.

Tax Deals

April 17th Tax Day is coming up and lots of places will be offering freebies for getting your taxes done on time.  One deal I know about is happening at Fired Pie: buy one drink and purchase a one topping pizza for $4.17 or get $2 off a regular custom pizza. I’ll be posting more deals on my blog and social media as we get closer to the day.

Earth Day Deals

Earth Day falls on April 22nd and you’ll be able to score some earthy deals. For example, at IKEA you will be able to purchase LED Bulbs and UTZ certified coffee for a discount. Many more cool deals to be had so watch out for those environmentally friendly deals in a few weeks.

Thrift Stores

Spring means spring cleaning. That also means people that declutter their homes will be donating those items. A lot of those items will end up at thrift stores. April may be a good time to hit those stores to find some treasures. The saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” definitely goes into play this month.