Certain things you should buy the brand name versus generic in order to save

September 8, 2016 3 By Smartshopperdaphne

We know you can buy generic brand products to save the most, but there are certain things you should buy brand names in order to save too. Here is my list of things to buy brand named.

Shopping for a new HDTV? In this case, you should always find the best prices but sticking with a well-known brand could save you in the long run. Often you can find off brand name HDTV’s for a lot less than a brand name would cost but in the long run, it may cost you more due to reliability. Some of the top brands according to Consumer Reports are Sony, Samsung, and LG. These HDTV manufacturers have a long history of reliability.

Next on the list of items to stick with brand names is dish soap. According to Thesweethome.com website they tested out 28 different brands of dish soap and only one winner. That winner was Seventh Generation Dish Liquid. They tested each product for cleaning power, price, social responsibility and most importantly cleaning. So if you want your dishes clean and hands feeling smooth this is your brand.     

If you have dogs then try and stick with reliable dog brand foods. Meaning you know the food on the label is exactly what you are feeding you dog. Back in 2007, there was a very large dog food recall because some foods and treats had been contaminated by melamine. This is a chemical waste product that caused illness and death in animals. A lot of popular dog foods brands had been pulled off the shelves. Instead, do your research and check out the FDA.gov safety health and recalls on dog foods. Once you find a brand that is reliable and past the safety test stick with it. Or if you really want to make sure you know what you are feeding your dogs try making it yourself. Below is a link to great dog food recipe.

Buddy’s and Bubba’s homemade dog food recipes