DIY broom hack for easy hair removal

DIY broom hack for easy hair removal

August 8, 2019 0 By Ellie Wendt

It is amazing how much hair can build up on your floors, especially if you own pets. However, it’s not so easy to collect the mess with a broom that cannot grab on to the thin short strands. One way to change that is to add tape to your broom. Here is how:

Simply apply a strip of tape across the end of your broom. Be sure to position your tape halfway on to the broom so it stays but also leaves half dragging on the floor to collect the hair. 

Most types of tape will do the trick. In the video I used masking tape.

Go about sweeping up your wood or concrete floors as usual. When you are done, rip the tape off your broom and watch as it takes all the hair with it. Discard the tape and you end up with a neat floor and clean broom.