DIY Homemade Scorpion Repellant

DIY Homemade Scorpion Repellant

April 11, 2018 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

If you live in the desert I am sure you have been affected by a scorpion. When the temperatures go up those scorpions come out. I found a homemade scorpion repellant a friend of mine turned me onto. I recently made this myself and just started using it so I can’t say whether it works or not but I can say it smells pleasant in my house. I will for sure keep you posted on whether I no longer have scorpion sightings or less of them. The recipe is all essential oils so you may have to make an investment if you don’t have them. Keep in mind they will last forever and have many other uses especially for cleaning and relaxing.

In an empty spray bottle combine:

2 cups of water

20 drops cedarwood essential oil

20 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

10 drops wild orange essential oil

5 drops cinnamon essential oil

Spray in areas that the scorpions might enter into like windows, doorways, cracks and so on. I was told to do this about once a month. I would love to hear if this recipe has worked for you. Please feel free to comment below.

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