Free fruit tree planting classes

Free fruit tree planting classes

August 27, 2019 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

Here’s a great way to learn about planting fruit trees in the desert. Starting on September 7th will be launching their 20th annual fruit tree program. You can sign up for their live classes or stay at home and listen in on a webinar class. All classes are free and educational. If you decide you want to plant a fruit tree you can also purchase them for a good price through Urban farms pop up sales throughout the Valley.


Greg Petterson who is the founder of Urban Farms I have known for years. He is passionate about teaching folks in our community how to live a more sustainable life and planting fruit trees is one way. Planting fruit trees overall is a win-win. It creates food, shade and you’ll learn from Urban Farms free classes how to keep them thriving.


To find out more information or sign up for classes click the link below.


20th Annual Launch Extravanganza