Fun drinks for the Fourth of July

Fun drinks for the Fourth of July

July 3, 2019 0 By Ellie Wendt

Independence Day is a holiday known for its themed red, white, and blue activities and parties. And we have the perfect themed drink for you to serve up.



This red white and blue drink is perfect for any family-friendly party. All you need is three ingredients. A cranberry juice, lemonade, and a sports drink.


To achieve the perfect red, white and blue layer look it is all in the sugar content of the drinks. While choosing which brands of drinks you want to use is not important, the sugar content in each color is. With red being the base you want the most sugar. This is why we recommend cranberry juice. Most cranberry juices have a sugar content of around 30 grams. Next, you use the lemonade with a sugar content of about 25-27 grams. Finally your blue topping with preferably a sugar-free content. We suggest Powerade or Gatorade zero sugar.


Fill a clear glass up to the top with ice. The ice helps to set the drinks so they do not all blend together. Then slowly pour each drink about one-third of the way. Giving the drink some time to set will allow for the best, most picture perfect look. Now you can enjoy a refreshing fruity drink this Independence day with style.