Get school supplies for teachers for free!

July 13, 2016 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

Treasures 4 Teachers is a non-profit organization that receives donated items from several businesses and sells them to teachers for a bargain price. They sell traditional supplies and nontraditional out of the box items too. Anyone who works with kids or is an educator, preschool teacher, classroom teacher, even Girl or Boy Scout leaders, can shop at Treasures 4 Teachers.

Plus there is an annual membership which costs $35 per person. This membership gives you access to a warehouse filled with donated materials from fabric to binders, markers, staplers, paper and more. In my opinion it is worth every penny because of the amount you can save.

Some of my favorite sections in the store are the “fill a bag for $5” and “fill a bag of books for $5”. At the store they will give you a medium sized clear plastic bag to fill it with anything you want from their $5 endless section of supplies.  Things like hanging folders, specialty papers, arts and crafts and some think out of the box stuff too. Plus the newest section is the book section. Same concept but instead fill that bag with as many books as you can and get it for just $5. I filled my bag with 25 to 30 books and there was room for more books. The books section is mainly children’s books so they are not that thick so you can really fill that bag.

They even have a small bag you can fill up for $1 with supplies like tissue, paper clips and science project supplies. There is even a free section! The free section when I went had tons of used binder folders.

If you are an educator in anyway and can afford the $35 membership this is definitely worth checking out.

Treasures 4 Teachers

3025 S. 48th street Ste: 101

Tempe, Az 85282

(480) 751-1122