How to clean your hair brush

How to clean your hair brush

May 20, 2018 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

If you just washed your hair, do you really want to put oils and bacteria into it? You could be doing just that if you’re using a dirty brush or comb. Well I’ve found a great way for you to clean them from

To clean your hairbrush or comb, you’ll need some warm water, baking soda, a large container and the dirty brushes and combs.

First, fill a container with warm water so that there’s enough to cover your brushes and combs. Then add in one teaspoon of baking soda and stir that into the water so it dissolves.

Next, clean off any excess hair that’s on your brushes or combs. Then place those into the warm water and baking soda mixture. Let them soak for about one hour before you take them out. Then rinse them off and let them dry on a towel.

Now you have clean brushes and combs to match your clean hair.