Mr. Clean Magic Eraser vs. store brand, which cleaned better?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser vs. store brand, which cleaned better?

May 23, 2019 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

Recently I was reminded of the power of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I had been searching for two years on how to get the stains off of my cast iron bathtub. Then I saw someone on Youtube do a video on how the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleaned her tub. I tried it and wow! All I did was wet the sponge and then wiped all the stains off. No other method or cleaner could do that. I was amazed!

In the video, it specifically said you had to use the Mr. Clean brand only. At the store Mr. Clean tends to be more money than store brand or generic. So it got me curious. Does the brand matter when it comes to these cleaning erasers? I put it to the test.

I had a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the Walmart Great Value cleaning eraser. I tested them out on my oven door, baseboards, and air vents. Overall, both performed great and cleaned everything up equally. I will say that Mr. Clean held up a little better, and there was little to no difference in performance. In my test, the brand name did not matter in performance.

On a side note, the Great Value cost me more than the brand name Mr. Clean Magic Eraser because you can get it at the Dollar Tree store, but you would pay more at a non-discount store.