Organize your sheets with one pillowcase

Organize your sheets with one pillowcase

June 11, 2019 0 By Ellie Wendt

Bedsheets. Everyone has them and everyone needs to frequently change them out from time to time.┬áMost people’s bedsheets get thrown into one cabinet or drawer space that typically gets disorganized and crowded. It can be hard trying to store, let alone locate, matching sets among the chaos.



Here is a simple lifehack for easy and quick storage. Fold you matching bed sheets into one pillowcase to maximize storage space and keep all matching sets together in one place.


By storing sheets in one pillowcase, this will prevent them from being separated from their matching sets. It will also keep sheets folded in place and less likely to unravel while in storage.


In addition to this, compact folding will allow for more storage space. Keeping your sheets neatly folded together allows you to stack multiple sheet sets on top of one another and makes that particular bed sheet set easy to locate and pull out when ready for use.