Revive wilting flowers with sugar

Revive wilting flowers with sugar

July 28, 2019 0 By Ellie Wendt

There is nothing better than sprucing up your home with beautiful fresh flowers. They add vibrant color to your home and smell wonderful. But after some time bouquets will lose their liveliness. Here is a quick tip to revive wilting flowers for a few extra days.

Simply fill your flower’s vase with warm water. Add two to three tablespoons of sugar to every cup of warm water you pour into the vase. Mix the water together and watch as your flowers come back to life in just a few minutes.


You can use either regular sugar or brown sugar for this hack. Water must be warm but not too hot. In the video, I used one cup of warm water and two tablespoons of brown sugar.


Keep in mind this hack works best for flower bouquets that are only a few days old and not completely wilted. Eventually, all flowers that have been picked from the earth will die, this hack will not prevent that. However, this sugar water can work wonders to revive your plant friend for a few extra days.


Some other helpful tips to keep your flower bouquet lasting:

Place your flowers in a cool place. During the summer, flowers often wilt with the humidity and direct sunlight.


Cut the stems of your wilted flowers at an angle and place back into the sugar water mixture. This will eliminate the already dead ends of the stem and help the stem to soak up more water.