Things you can get at the grocery store for free

July 20, 2017 1 By Smartshopperdaphne

Grocery stores seem to be starting to go out of style with all these online grocery shopping ways. There are still something’s you can’t get by buying groceries online that you can get in the store; one big one is customer service.

Most grocery stores will give you a free cookie at the bakery counter. Just simply go up and ask them for a cookie.

Also at Bashas’ did you know you could get a free cake on your kids birthday? All you have to do is sign up for their Kids Birthday club and every year they will get a free coupon for a cake around birthday time.

A lot of grocery stores offer free WI-FI. So save your data and use there’s instead. Maybe grab some coffee and get some work done using their WI-FI.

Get your meat trimmed for free. For example, if you need a piece of chuck roast chopped into smaller pieces for that roast they will often do it for free.

If you are planning on getting some fish don’t stress the butcher will clean up that fish for you for free. Again, just go to the butcher counter with that piece of fish you are going to buy and they’ll trim it up for free.Planning a move? If stores have them they are often happy to have you get rid of those boxes

Planning a move? If stores have them they are often happy to have you get rid of those boxes of them and it will be free.

Living in Phoenix in the summer just the trip from the store to home can ruin your groceries in this heat. Often food stores will give you courtesy ice for free. All you have to do is ask the clerk for some ice when checking out. I know both Bashas’ and Sprouts will give you ice but will have to ask for it. Sometimes they have to pack a bag so you may have to wait a few minutes.

A lot of people think Costco for free samples but most stores will let you try their products before you buy it if you ask. I know almost every store I have shopped at has aloud me to try produce items for free. So try it before you buy it.