What things should you NOT buy at the grocery store in order to save the most?

July 12, 2017 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

Do not buy greeting cards at the grocery store…those cards will run you at least $3 and up. Instead, make your own and if you don’t want to go to the Dollar Tree store they sell them as cheap as 2/$.50 or try Trader Joe’s they sell them for $.99


Magazines at the grocery can be a tempting impulsive buy but resist that buy and go to the library or check out Amazon or other sites for inexpensive subscription services. Also, I have included a link to an article I found from the Krazy Coupon Lady about several ways to save on buying magazines.


Don’t pay over inflated prices at the grocery store I have seen a two-pack of AA batteries for $5 or more. Instead, buy those batteries in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. I quickly checked online and at Costco, you can buy 72 AA batteries for $40.


If you really want to save on alcohol buy it from the people that are in the business or a warehouse store. I have found Total Wine & More, Costco or Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s have good deals in town. For selection and price totally wine and more has that dialed in.


Buying toothbrushes at the grocery is a waste of money. Head to the Dollar Tree or $.99 Only store for those brushes.


When it comes to buying store made bread often you can save but brand name bread can be overpriced. If you live near a bakery outlet you can save a ton. For example, Alpine bread company has an outlet store in Mesa. They sell alpine bread for $1 versus paying   $4 or more at the grocery store.


Pre-packaged spices are way too expensive at your food store.   My suggestion is not to buy them at the dollar stores because they may be expired. Instead, try to buy them in bulk. Stores like Winco foods have a huge bulk section, therefore, you can buy spices in bulk and save, sprouts also sells spices in bulks. Sometimes even buying just what you need, will save you money.


Gift cards

Many grocery stores have gift cards on display for sale at face value but if you plan ahead you can buy those gift cards for 2% to 20% off of face value of know where to shop. Try giftcardgranny.com it is a one-stop shop for finding gift cards for less than face value. Also, try Costco they have a limited selection but some good deals on movie and restaurants like Fox Restaurant Group get $100 for $80.