August 27, 2018 0 By Smartshopperdaphne

Whether it’s elementary school or college, the cost to send your kids to school isn’t getting any cheaper… unless you know how to shop and where to shop.
When it comes to school books, renting online vs buying tends to be your cheapest route.

So which sites will save you the most?

We compared books from a typical syllabus. Slugbooks.com is supposed to do the work for you. So I chose the books, searched my favorite rental sites and compared them to Slugbooks.

First on the syllabus,  Introduction to Chemistry by Rich Bauer.
Chegg.com charges $31.99 to rent the book through December 21st.
Amazon charges a little less at $30.95.
Then I checked to see if Slugbooks.com is accurate and sure enough, it was.

Next on the syllabus is Financial Accounting.
This time Chegg has your best price, charging $66.49 for the semester rental.
Amazon charges $69.16.
And Slugbooks did it again. Their prices have been accurate for all of our comparisons.

Let’s give it one more try, to see how consistent the site is when comparing prices.

We checked all three sites for the rental cost for Law, Business and Society.
Chegg will charge $37.49.
Amazon is more than a dollar less at $36.17.
As for Slugbooks, they got the price right for Chegg, but were off by about 30 cents, $36.44 as the rate they are showing for Amazon.

We compared several more books and Slugbooks was pretty accurate… off by less than 50 cents on occasion.
But it’s a great way to save money without searching site after site for the best price!

What I like about renting from Amazon is they have a free Kindle Reading app that lets you access e-textbooks on your phone, tablet or computer…not just on your Kindle.
What I find cool about Chegg is you can read the online version of your book for free while your hard copy is being shipped.

No matter where you shop, research prices, read reviews, and triple check that you are getting the right edition of your book.