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Smart Shopper Daphne

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Welcome to the Smart Shopper Daphne Blog! I’m your experienced navigator through the realm of savvy choices and smart living. If you’ve come across it on social media or caught wind of it on the Smart Living Podcast, you’re in the right spot. Scroll down for more.

About Daphne

Meet Daphne Munro, a seasoned #lifehacker and the former ABC15 Smart Shopper, now known simply as Daphne Your Smart Shopper. Unapologetically thrifty, she has built a career around demonstrating how to embrace simplicity and, in the process, save a considerable amount of money.

With over 25 years of experience in crafting lifestyle content, Daphne has been a guiding force in helping people enhance their lives. She boasts the creation of two immensely popular TV news broadcast franchises and emerged as an influencer long before the era of social media.

Daphne’s expertise extends to the kitchen, where she shares not only delightful recipes but also invaluable money-saving tips. Join her on a journey of frugality and practicality, as she imparts wisdom gained through years of experience in making life more affordable and enjoyable.

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Money Savers

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Life Hacks

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Time Savers

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Make it Simple

My Videos

Reuse those coffee grounds to eliminate odor plus more

Banana Bread using frozen bananas


Follow Daphne Munro Your Smart Shopper on Social Media @Smartshopperdaphne or email her directly with any money saving ideas, comments or ways to save money contact her at [email protected]


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Smart Shopper Daphne Munro


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